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World Book Day 2017

The children had a fabulous day today thank you all for making such a great effort with the costumes. We had a parade in assembly to show everybody who we were. We made our very own book marks and we explored telling our own made up stories. All the children looked amazing well done :)

Spring 2 - Superheroes

Spring 2 - Superheroes 1

This half term we our topic is Superheroes! In this topic we will learn more about our body and what makes us healthy and strong. Also we will be learning about how we can behave like a superhero and make good choices. As well as fictional heroes we will also be discussing real life everyday heroes and all the wonderful things they do for us.


As always there are lots of super ideas for homework too. Maybe you could go on a superhero hunt looking for signs of both fictional and real heroes. You could read the newspaper or watch the news to see if you can spot any heroic acts. You could design and make your own superhero. Perhaps you could create a poster to show other people in your house how they can be a hero too.


In English we will be learning to write in the style of a comic book. We will learn more about writing non-fiction texts as well. We will

be using onomatopoeic words like POW, BOOM, SMASH and WHAM as well as adjectives to make our writing exciting. Also we will be continuing to ask questions and make commands.


We will be reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts based on make believe and real heroes. These will be the main books that we will focus on in our English lessons.


Picture 1


In maths this half term we will continue to develop our understanding of numbers to 100. We will learn more techniques to add and subtract and secure of knowledge of addition and subtraction facts to 20. We will using our problem solving skills and applying our knowledge which will include using money. Also we will revisit Shape and pattern to deepen our understanding.

Spring 1 - Splendid Skies

Spring 1 - Splendid Skies 1

Our topic for Spring 1 is called Splendid skies. The topic is all about weather and different forms of transport you may find in the sky. We will learn about wind and how we can measure the wind. We will learn about how rain is formed. Also we will look at travelling in the skies and how hot air balloons work.


Splendid skies is a great topic for exploring and developing your knowledge at home as well. You could learn to fly a kite or go searching for puddles to splash around in. You could look out for signs of the seasons changing whilst you are outside playing. Maybe you could even start collecting rainwater and write a weather report on how much it has rained.


In English we will learn about poetry and rhyming. Also we will be learning to write in different styles like writing lists, instructions and  postcards. We will be reading books that are of different styles looking at the exciting vocabulary the author uses and the different punctuation. We will be learning to use that exciting vocabulary and punctuation in our own writing.


These are the books that we will be focusing on.

Picture 1


Maths this half term is all about measurement. In maths we will be developing our knowledge of money looking at making amounts and also subtracting amounts and giving change. Also we will be learning about time, looking at a clock face and reading o'clock and half past times. We will be learning about the days of the week and the months of a year, sequencing them and talking about our daily routines. We will also be doing lots of problem solving.


We wanted to know how long a minute was. We worked out it was 60 seconds but we didn't know how long that was. Here are all the things we could do in a minute.