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A VERY warm welcome to 3A's Class Page!!

We have been very busy this year...


Over Autumn one, during our Scrumdiddlyumptious topic, we have learned all about Food (yum!)

We have learned all about food groups, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and even become inventors! We did smoothie taste testing, made our own designs for smoothie flavours and even created our own Smoothie labels and slogans!

Then, to finish, we have had a fantastic trip to Cadbury's World!


After our relaxing half term breaks, we came back to learn all about Heroes and Villains - both fictional and real-life ones! We have learned about characters in stories, Nelson Mandela, Bonnie and Clyde and then took part in debates to decide whether Robin Hood was a Hero or a Villain.

We did lots of PSHE, discussing real life heroes (such as firemen, charity workers, sporting heroes, even teachers!) and the qualities needed to become heroes. We really reflected on the importance of being a hero and enjoyed learning about our responsibilities and abilities to become an everyday hero ourselves!


We all had wonderful and exciting Christmas and began 2017 with our Predators topic!

We have learned all about food chains, predators, prey, producers and the importance of the sun. We have loved our class text Krindlekrax and we are planning to create our own SUPER PREDATOR! We had a Predator visit and saw all kinds of predators - some of us even held a tarantula! (Including Miss Arbuthnott!!)


In Spring 2, we moved on to our Mighty Metals topic, where we learned about different metals and their properties, and some of us even made our own robots! We tested magnets and looked at forces, and thoroughly enjoyed our class text, The Iron Man. For our innovate projects, we designed a friend for the Iron Man, and considered the best materials that we could use, before writing a set of instructions about how to care for him!


For our topic in Summer 1, we were looking at Tremors - discovering all about natural disasters, in particular looking at the ancient city of Pompeii. We looked at rocks and real fossils, volcanoes, and looked in detail at the events in Pompeii. We loved learning about Boudicca's rebellion, the building of Hadrian's wall, and what life would have been like, as a Roman.

Some of us were also incredibly lucky to pay a visit to the Pioneer Centre, in the first week. Everyone did brilliantly - not just with behaviour, but also bravery, with many children overcoming some big fears! We impressed the staff there, and our teachers with us and it was definitely a trip to remember! See below for photos of some of our adventures!


Now, in our final half term of Year 3, we are looking at Gods and Mortals. We have already enjoyed a Roman Day (where we learned a little about Roman Gods and Goddesses) and now we are looking forward to developing this, and learning about Ancient Greek mythology. Watch our page for more of our exciting learning!