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Welcome to Year 5F 2017/2018

This year we will be reading Pig Heart Boy by Mallorie Blackman, Clockwork by Philip Pullman, Kidnapp in the Carribean by Lauren St John and The Inventions of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.

We will be conducting science investigations, dissecting a heart and building a bug hotel, painting and drawing and engaging in many more exciting activities.

In November we are going away on residential to the Pioneer Centre, which we are all looking forward to.

Here's to a year of hard work and lots of fun!

Mrs Fraser

Y5 voted on the General Election having read and discussed each party's manifesto.

Summer 2

Well, here we are in the final term of Year 5 and we still have an action packed few weeks to go!  

Firstly, we will be voting in the General Election (well in our own class anyway) following a discussion of the main manifestos and then comparing our results with the rest of the country

Then we are going to be reading the book 'Wonder' by RJ Palacio which challenges our thinking and how we see ourselves and others.  We will be taking each others fingerprints to see how unique we each are and talking about, drawing and recording our likes and dislikes - celebrating our differences.  We will be looking at the local environment and considering its physical and human features.

In science, we will be gathering data about our heights, foot size, hand span etc together with our sporting abilities - how far we can jump, how quickly we can run and finding if we can draw any conclusions from our data.

Y5/6 are very lucky to have former NASA Astronaut - Michael Foale - visiting to share his wisdom and experience this term.  We very much look forward to meeting him and hearing all about his amazing adventures in space!

Michael Foale's visit May 2017

Y5 will continue to take part in BBC Terrific Scientific experiments and investigations

Making Day of the Dead Masks

Making Day of the Dead Masks 1
Making Day of the Dead Masks 2
Making Day of the Dead Masks 3
Making Day of the Dead Masks 4
Making Day of the Dead Masks 5
Picture 1
Picture 2

Summer 1 Hola Mexico

As part of our topic we will be discovering the geography of Mesoamerica, the ancient Maya civilisation, tasting Mexican food, learning to sing and dance to Mexican music and investigating Mexican festivals, especially the Day of the Dead.  In DT and Art we will be making, decorating and evaluating Day of the Dead masks.  We will be reading the story of Frankenstein.

Picture 1

Spring 2 Alchemy Island


What and where is Alchemy Island?  Discover the ancient art of Alchemy.  Investigate the properties and changes of materials.  What are precious stones and metals?  Where can they be found. Using maps and co-ordinates we will discover the wonders of Alchemy Island and its hidden treasures.  We will hear the mystical music, see the fantasy images of the island and read a letter from an Alchemist to his son.

BBC Terrific Scientific investigations

Spring 1 2017

Reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick

This term we are going to investigate Earth and Space.  We will be learning about each of the planets in our Solar System and using large numbers to calculate distances from the Sun.  We will be reading the book 'The invention of Hugo Cabret' by Brian Selznick and considering some of the issue it raises including links to the early silent movies and automatons.  We will also research the space race in the 1960's and significant people from history related to space. David Bowie's music and lyrics will be listened to and interpreted into dance.  

Spring 1 2017 Stargazers

Spring 1 2017 Stargazers 1 We will be researching The Moon Landing
Spring 1 2017 Stargazers 2 Who are Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei?
Spring 1 2017 Stargazers 3 Is the moon made of cheese and other myths.
Spring 1 2017 Stargazers 4 M, V, E, M, J, S, U, N.

Autumn 2 Music

Year 5 had a wonderful afternoon working alongside Year 7 at TQEA on Friday 17th November.  They had to use their brains to memorise a sequence and listen to the music to sychronise their actions.  We all seemed to be fingers and thumbs to start with but with a little practice most of us seemed to improve, however it will take more practice to be as good as the Year 7's!

Music Session with Y7 at TQEA

Pioneer Centre - November 2016

We spent two nights and three days exhausting ourselves climbing walls, abseiling, caving, on a zip wire, meeting animals and being special agents and trying to be code breakers.  Y5 really enjoyed our time at the Pioneer Centre which culminated in a sing along around a campfire.  We may have been exhausted but a wonderful time was had by all and some of us even managed to overcome our fears and try new things.  Well done everyone.

Frozen Kingdom - Autumn 2

Frozen Kingdom - Autumn 2 1 Polar Bears and Penguins
Frozen Kingdom - Autumn 2 2 Icebergs
Frozen Kingdom - Autumn 2 3 Titanic

Autumn 2

This term we will be researching the similarities and differences between the North and South Poles.  We will read recounts from the explorers diaries and follow their journeys across the frozen wastes.

In Science we will investigate how icebergs float and how much of each iceberg is visible above the water and how much is not visible below the water.  We will discover the fatal consequences this had on RMS Titanic's maiden voyage in 1912.  We will also investigate the biodiversity of both regions and how Global Warming could impact on the flora and fauna of these areas and the seas surrounding them.

In PE and Music we will interpret the theme tune to the movie Titanic and incorporate images from the Polar Regions.

In English we will read and understand information about the Arctic and the Antarctic, read diary entries and newspaper reports and will use these to reproduce our own non-chronological reports and recounts.

In Maths we will use Venn diagrams to sort information and measurements to calculate the percentage of iceberg above and below the water line.



A Child's War Autumn 1

A Child's War  Autumn 1 1

Welcome to Year 5

Mrs Fraser, Mrs Maling and Mrs Smith will be helping the children to reach their full potential this year and we will start with securing basic number knowledge in Maths using all four operations and ensuring the understanding of place value and negative numbers.

In English we will be helping children to read for meaning and understanding in comprehensions, to find information to answer questions and to infer information based on clues we are given in the text.  We will be trying to expand our vocabulary by reading more challenging texts with support and reading a wide range of texts.

In PE we are swimming this term on a Friday and playing football on a Tuesday afternoon

Our topic is a Child's War and we will be researching how WWII effected children in the 1940's.  We will be reading the book 'Johnny and the Bomb' by Terry Pratchet.