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Welcome to 1CW!

We are a Year 1 class and we have three members of staff: Mrs Walker and Mrs Cross are the class teachers and Mrs Laight is the learning support assistant.


We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been learning about in class and out and about. We always have lots of fun! laugh

Welcome to home learning.

We hope that you are all staying safe at home.Each week new activities will be uploaded for you to complete. Please e-mail Mrs Cross or Mrs Walker with your news, pictures and videos which we will share with your classmates. We are all missing each other so it will be a great way to see what you`re up to! laugh 

Home learning week beginning 13th July 2020



This week we are focussing on telling the time to the hour and half past. It would help if you could look at an analogue clock and be even better if you could move the hands around yourself to change the time.

As always, remember to watch the video to go with each lesson before attempting the activities and pause it at appropriate places. If you are unable to print off the sheets at home, you can just write the answers in your own way into your home learning book. Work hard and have fun! 

Writing - Wendy, Michael and John had lots of fun when Peter Pan showed them how to fly! What would you do if you could fly? Think about what you could see, where you would go and who you would go with? What might your wonderful thought be?

Science - This week we would like you to have some fun with shadows!

Home learning week beginning 6th July 2020:


This week we are focussing on finding half and quarter of objects and amounts. You will need some objects to count and split into groups for example: beads, pasta or sweets. It would also be nice if you had a cake/s or pizza so you can cut them into halves or quarters!

As always, remember to watch the video to go with each lesson before attempting the activities and pause it at appropriate places. If you are unable to print off the sheets at home, you can just write the answers in your own way into your home learning book. Work hard and have fun! smiley

Writing - This week we would like you to think about Neverland, where Peter Pan lives. What would you have in a land where no-one grows up? Draw a picture of your map and write sentences about what you would have in it. We look forward to seeing them!

Bubble 2`s Native American dance!

Still image for this video
This week we have been learning about Tiger Lily and her tribe. We have been busy making headdresses, prayer sticks and teepees! On Friday afternoon we pretended to be The Big Chief and danced like Red Indians. We hope you enjoy it and have also had fun making at home. Please send in pictures if you have as it would be lovely for your friends in school to see you! ;0)

Thursday 9th July. After school today Sophia has made slime! It looks like lots of fun!

Wednesday 1st July


In class this week, 1CW have made their own Native American style head bands, a little bit like the one Tiger Lily wears in Peter Pan. I made a little video of them wearing their bands so you could see your friends! smiley

Native American headbands.MOV

Still image for this video

Esme has had a bit of a pamper! Can you spot the difference? Oh my, what long hair you have Esme! So pretty ;0)

Home learning week beginning 29th June 2020:


This week we are focussing on ordering numbers and money. You will be learning to recognise the different coins and notes that we use in the United Kingdom and how much they are worth. It would be helpful if you could see real money as well as looking at the pictures.

As always, remember to watch the video to go with each lesson before attempting the activities and pause it at appropriate places. If you are unable to print off the sheets at home, you can just write the answers in your own way into your home learning book. Work hard and have fun! smiley



Writing - hopefully you have managed to watch Peter Pan so you will be able to write about some of the characters. You don`t have to print this sheet,, you can write in your yellow books. Remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops ;0)

Art DT - this week have a go at creating a headdress like Tiger Lily`s dad, a teepee or a prayer stick! We look forward to seeing the pictures you send us!

Esme has been enjoying the sunny weather deer spotting at Bradgate Park and having a picnic in Stratford. She has also been researching planets!

Writing home learning. Week beginning 22.6.20.


This week we are focussing on numbers to 100 – counting, partitioning into 10s and 1s and comparing numbers. As always, remember to watch the video to go with each lesson before attempting the activities and pause it at appropriate places. If you are unable to print off the sheets at home, you can just write the answers in your own way into your home learning book. Work hard and have fun! smiley

This week's schools challenge is a basketball one. Have fun!

It was our first week in Bubble 2. We have had lots of fun!

Esme has been very busy helping Mummy and Daddy to decorate her bedroom; doesn't it look beautiful and so tidy! You need to keep your promise now Esme, to keep it tidy all the time! wink


This week we are focussing on making arrays, doubles, grouping and sharing. It would be useful if you had something for the children to work with instead of cubes for example coins, buttons, pasta, beads or even sweets! As always, remember to watch the video to go with each lesson before attempting the activities. If you are unable to print off the sheets at home, you can just write the answers in your own way into your home learning book. Work hard and have fun! smiley

As it is Father`s Day on Sunday 21st June, we would like you to make your dad, grandad, uncle or another man who is specail to you, a card for Father`s Day. It can be any style of card you like. You can use this to write them a message to stick inside your card.  Colour the words in carefully. (There are 2 in case you make a mistake!) laugh


Father`s Day card insert

Look how much Esme's baby brother has grown! 
Home learning week beginning 8th June 2020:


This week we are focussing on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. These skills are very important when working towards learning times tables which the children will do in Year 2, so lots of practise and reinforcement are important.  As always, remember to watch the video to go with each lesson before attempting the activities. If you are unable to print off the sheets at home, you can just write the answers in your own way into your home learning book. Work hard and have fun! smiley

Writing - this week we would like you all to keep a diary. Look at the document to see how to do it ;0)

Monday 1st June 2020


Good morning! We do hope you have had a wonderful Half Term and managed to keep busy in the glorious sunshine.

Below you will find Home Learning for the coming week. 

Remember to keep sending us photos of your work or activities to share with the class.

Mrs Walker, Mrs Cross and Mrs Laight.

This weeks sporting competition focuses on tennis. We hope that you enjoy taking part. Good luck!

Home Learning week beginning 1st June 2020:

Maths: This week's Maths is reinforcement of Mass and Capacity which your children have been introduced to earlier in the year. Remember to watch each separate video link before completing each lesson in order. Most of all, have fun and please send us some photos of your work so we can share them with the rest of the class! wink Don't get too wet!! laugh



Home learning 25th May 2020 - there is no home learning this week as it is half-term.

Happy holiday!

Week beginning 18th May 2020
Maths: Here are  your Maths activities for the week. Remember to complete them at your own level and to watch each lesson video first, pausing it and answering the questions before you carry on. Each Maths activity starts at a more basic level and gets more tricky as you work your way through! Do your best. smiley

Reading/Art - Hand-Print Flying Superhero If you are unable to print this to mix-up and sequence, don`t worry! Just read the instructions with your child then follow the instructions to create your own handprint flying superhero!

Writing - * = blue group, ** = green and yellow group, *** = orange and red group

Superhero Science experiments! Please take photos and email them to us, we would love to see how they work!

We have new sporting challenges for you this week. Can you take part and win a prize?

Esme has had a wonderful present this week - her beautiful new baby brother Hugo was born on Monday! We are sure you will be a super helpful big sister, Esme! Thank you for sharing the good news xx

Friday 22nd May 2020 - Daniel has been very busy over the past couple of weeks hatching baby chicks! laugh Aren`t they amazing? Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us and we look forward to hearing all about them soon Daniel! 


If you click on the links below, you can see the videos of Daniel's chicks too! smiley


next chick is

chicks first


a lava lamp


Imogen had a great time making her hand-print super hero. The background she created is really cool!

Sophia has completed the cricket challenge and the flying superheroes science experiment! How far did your superhero balloon zoom in his pink cape Sophia?

Tuesday 19th May

Sophia has been very busy over the weekend, making a lovely play dough summer scene. It really makes you feel happy! smiley

Sienna has been practicing her neat handwriting - isn`t it super neat! Thank you for showing us - keep it up Sienna! ;0)

Week beginning Monday 11th May 2020


Good morning everyone! We hope you all had fab celebrations for VE Day. We look forward to seeing your photos!

This week you can take part in a special athletics competition - click on the link for details.The Schools Games are running virtual competitions over the next few weeks and we would love as many of our pupils to get involved as possible. These competitions are a great idea to get our children active with very little effort actually required! Please find attached a flyer for the virtual athletics competition that takes place from today until Friday. There are prizes for the children with the best scores and also a monetary prize for the school with the most participants. Full instructions of how to take part are shown on the poster.

Friday 15th May
Carter has been very busy since last week, preparing for his V.E. Day celebrations and working hard on his super hero activities. It is lovely to hear that you are enjoying your work and it is clear that you are putting in lots of effort. we are very proud of you! smiley
Sophia has really enjoyed making up her own super hero, based on herself. She has even created a Super Dog too! Well done Sophia!

Wednesday 13th May 2020 - Sophia and her family have completed the athletics challenge today. They all had lots of fun!

Friday 15th May - Esme has had great fun designing her superhero this week. Her name is Ember and she can walk through fires to save people! Fantastic superhero name for someone with those powers! She has also been on bike rides with daddy, Ollie and Imogen and came home to that amazing hot chocolate!! Yummy! Her poor dog, Bernie is worn out from all his walks! Bless him! Look at her beautiful curls, too. Her mummy is a fab hairdresser ;0)

Home Learning week beginning 11th May 2020

This week, we are adding and subtracting. Please follow the video link for each lesson and watch it, before completing each activity. remember to pause the video whenever you need to and complete the answers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Mrs Walker or Mrs Cross. ( )


Have fun and remember to start where you are most comfortable as each day's activities get more challenging as you work through them. blush

Writing and topic -

Once you have completed your labelled design. Write a story about what you get up to as a superhero ;0)

Use the questions above to help you and think of what your Superhero name will be.


•    use capital letters and full stops

•    use `and` to join your ideas

•    use adjectives to describe your costume

•    use your BEST handwriting!


We can`t wait to read them!   laugh


THEN……  Create a maze for your superhero using lego, or draw a maze on the playground, in chalk, for a partner to follow – give them directions using NSEW, turns, left, right, etc. HAVE FUN!!

Wednesday 13th May 2020 Harry has been having lots of fun completing his Superhero home-learning!

Sophia wanted to do some maths on her own this week - super subtraction Sophia! Your picture is lovely too - thank you for sharing it with us xx

Tuesday 12th May
Imogen and her family went to a lot of effort to organise a street party and invite all their neighbours. Imogen and Lottie learnt the words to We'll Meet Again and sent them to everyone else so that the whole street could have a sing-a-long! They had a great party with social distancing.

Happy birthday Sophia!


Yesterday was Sophia's birthday so she had a lovely celebration at home. Look at her delicious cake! smiley

Sophia made decorations and had a little party with her family. Your party food looks yummy Sophia!

Esme has been for a lovely walk in the sunshine and also received an extra birthday present which had been delayed in the post! Look at that big smile! Do you think she was pleased?

Blake has really enjoyed learning about VE Day and his medal design is super! He also went for a walk to visit school, as he was missing it (we are too Blake) and on his way home he saw a family of ducks! I`m sure that cheered you up Blake! Ducks are one of Mrs Cross`s favourite animals!

Home learning for week beginning 4th May 2020:

Reading - VE Day reading comprehension. Look for your group`s activity. If you find it too easy, do the next group! ;0)

Design and Writing task

Design and writing task.

Look at the pictures of the medals above.

Your task is to design a medal for British Soldiers who served in the Second World War.

Your medal can be any size or shape.

Think about the ribbon AND the metal part.

You must include:

  • The years of the war (1939-1945)
  • The colours of the Allies
  • A symbol to show the fighting and victory (winning)
  • Air, sea and land (the areas the war was fought)

Write about what you have decided to do and why, in your yellow book.


The Maths follows the same pattern as weeks one and two. There are four lessons which you can follow by clicking on the video links (one for each lesson) and join in with by pausing and answering each question when reminded. Once you have watched the daily video, have a go at the activity to go with the lesson. If you don't have a printer at home, please don't worry, you can draw the pictures into your book and write the number sentences to go with them. Remember, each daily activity starts easier and gets more challenging towards the end so start and stop at the place you feel most comfortable, but have a go! wink

Wednesday 6th May 2020

It was Esme`s birthday on Monday and she has had a wonderful time celebrating with her family! Birthday cake for breakfast, bacon sandwiches for lunch, a walk and then home for hot chocolate and marshmallows! Perfect! Hope you enjoyed your BBQ Esme! Happy Birthday from us all!😁

Kyle has been very busy at home with his brothers - painting, baking, writing and even having a picnic! It looks like you are having lots of fun during 'Lockdown' Kyle!

Tuesday 5th May


Imogen's family have been busy inviting their neighbours and preparing for a VE day social distancing picnic on Friday. What a fantastic idea! I love their use of Aldi carrier bags for making flags! I hope you have fun! smiley 

Monday 4th May
Sophia has been very creative with her play dough this morning; she gave herself a very glamorous set of nails! Many ladies will be very envious of those at the moment, Sophia! laugh
Imogen has been very busy over the weekend using her creative skills to make things for VE Day! Good work Imogen! wink
Carter has really enjoyed his home learning this week. He loved his work on following directions and even made a pirate map! He made super hero cuffs for himself and his little sister too! He has made a hand print keepsake with his family and also been very busy with 'big-brother' duties. What a super star! blush

Over the weekend Sophia was busy helping mummy and daddy cut the lawn. Looks like you did a very good job Sophia! ;0)

Home Learning for week beginning 27th April Topic work/Reading/Writing

Writing - this week you have tasks on common exception words you find a bit tricky.

Art/DT - Last week you read the story about Ayesha the Superhero Princess; I hope you enjoyed it! Can you follow the instructions to make some superhero cuffs? It would be great if you took photos of them and sent them to us so we can see how brilliant they are!

Maths: as last week, there are 4 lessons for the week with activities. Watch the video link first with your child before they complete the activity for the lesson into their book. Each activity is designed so that the child completes as much as they are able to and starts at a place appropriate for their level. They start easy and gradually get more difficult, so let them lead you! :-). We have also put the answers on, just in case you are not sure. Remember to watch the video for each lesson first.

Thursday 30th April


Yesterday was Imogen's big sister's 10th birthday so they had a well-earned day off from work and celebrated in style! Happy birthday Lottie! :-)

Look how busy Miley and her family have been during 'Lock-Down'; they have been on lovely walks, played in the swimming pool, worked hard on their 'home-learning' and best of all, their cat has had kittens! What a lovely surprise! :-)

Esme has been working hard in the garden, helping her mummy and also completing her home learning. Well done, Esme! xx

Sophia has been busy creating her super hero cuffs; they are soooo sparkly! Look at the work she has been doing in her home-learning book too! Keep up the great work Sophia; we are very proud of you.

Mrs Walker, Mrs Cross and Mrs Laight.


Look how busy Carter has been over the last few weeks! He's been working so hard at home. :-)

Monday 20th April


Welcome back everyone; we hope you’ve had a lovely Easter holiday and have managed to stay safe and have lots of fun. I have eaten far too much chocolate but managed to get out for a walk every day too! 😊


Below you will find your new home learning for this week:


Maths: There are 4 Maths activities for your child to do over the week which we would like them to complete into their home learning exercise book. If you can’t print the activities, your child can copy and complete the sentences into their book. They could even draw the pictures that go with each question. Each day’s activity is designed for all children to have a go at. They start off at an easier level and gradually get more challenging towards the end. If your child finds the later parts too difficult then stop at the appropriate point. On the contrary, if your child finds the earlier parts too easy, start a bit further in and work to the end. Work at the level that they feel most comfortable and complete the whole lot if they are really keen! 😊

There are video tutorials to accompany each lesson which are great and very easy to follow. I have added the link below for you. Just click on the link then play the correct video for each lesson. You can pause it whenever you like so that your child can work out the answers. :-)   If you have any problems, do not hesitate to email me.

Happy learning, Mrs Walker.

Art Activity: What colour is your leaf?


Print out the art activity or complete it in your own way into your exercise book. Be as creative as you like. :-)


English tasks

Look for your colour group and complete a mat each day. The answers are there too but no cheating! cheeky

As with the maths, you can either print each sheet or complete the tasks in your books, each day.  

Any problems please let me know and I can lend a hand. Have fun!

Mrs Cross x

Our Mini Mission for the next couple of weeks is Hero Hunters. We will be learning about instructions, compass points, maps and directions. Each week there will be activities for you to do. This week you have a story about a Superhero princess! Enjoy!


Reading and writing tasks

Friday 24th April

What a lovely bright and sunny morning to wake up to and it's almost the weekend!


Imogen has created a super leaf picture for her art work this week. Well done Imogen! :-)

Peyton has also been having fun creating a tree from leaves she has collected. This looks fab, Peyton! You have really looked closely at the details of the leaf in your drawing. It is brilliant! Very artistic! x

Peyton has also been working hard on learning her year 1 common exception words. Only 5 more to learn! Amazing achievement Peyton! We are very proud of you! x

Blake has worked really hard this week to finish his homework that has been set. He has been collecting some leaves whilst walking his dog and made his own collage with some added flowers from the garden. It looks great, Blake! x

Tuesday 22nd April


Imogen and her family have been so busy over Easter and in the last few days. They have been making cakes, going for daily exercise, doing lovely art work and even making a home cinema. How exciting! 

April 22nd 2020 - today Sophia has been completing her art activity. It looks beautiful Sophia! Such lovely colours, well done!

Tuesday 21st April 2020 - Esme has been reading lots with her little brothers and working hard on her maths and english tasks. Super doubling Esme! xx

It has been so nice to see what some of you have been up to over Easter! We know it has been very strange having to stay at home and not have exciting trips away but it looks like you have had lots of fun with your families laugh

Picnics, cooking, crafts and projects! Well done everyone! 


Lottie has been having fun in the sun and been learning new Tik Toks!

Video lottie.MOV

Still image for this video

Sophia has been very busy hunting Easter eggs, making Easter crafts and learning how to become a pizza chef! Well done Sophia!

Blake has been learning all about lions, learnt all year 1 common exception words and created his own fantasy dragon called Jack! It looks like you have worked incredibly hard Blake! Well done!

Daniel has been having fun on Minecraft, designing a pizza recipe for the teachers, collecting eggs every day and gardening! Wow Daniel! You have been busy! We will look forward to trying out that pizza recipe!

Atia has been working hard with her home learning booklet. She has also been baking! Love the baker`s outfit Atia! Hope the cakes tasted yummy! Well done!


It is now the Easter holidays so no new work will be set for the next two weeks. Time to relax and have some Easter fun at home with your families! (and probably eat a chocolate egg or 2! cheeky)

Hopefully the sun will come out and you will be able to play in your gardens and maybe even have an Easter egg hunt! laugh

We miss you lots and so have loved seeing your photos showing us what you have been up to and we think you are all doing a super job! 

We will set more challenges for you after Easter and will look forward to seeing more photos.

Stay safe everyone! 

love Mrs Cross, Mrs Walker and Mrs Laight xxx




My cheeky bunnies, Rascal & Scamp, wish you a Happy Easter! love Mrs Cross xx

Here are my two cheeky bunnies too, Thumper and Lily! They said 'Hoppy Easter' to you all! :-) 

Mrs Walker.


Tuesday 7th April


Good afternoon 1CW, even though it is the Easter holidays, Lucas has been busy working hard on telling the time. Super effort Lucas. Mrs Cross and I are very proud of you.

Mrs Walker.




Pizza making for Esme and her family today! Don`t they look delicious!

Wednesday 1st April


Good afternoon 1CW, I hope you are all still having fun at home and managing to stay safe. Sophia has logged on to Charanga and done some music which is fantastic. Well done Sophia; keep it up! :-)

Mrs Walker


Sophia, you look so very pleased with yourself! Such a lot of work today. Mrs Walker and I are very proud of you! x

Good afternoon 1CW. I am really enjoying reading all your emails and seeing the photos of your home learning; it certainly puts a smile on my face. 


Here are some more photos from Esme. She has been reading and doing some work from her pack.

Well done Esme; keep up the good work!

Mrs Walker.


Imogen has been very creative today!


Today, Imogen has been using arts and crafts materials to create cards for her grandparents. She's been very busy!

Mrs Walker.


Look what Lucas has been doing!


Lucas has been searching through his encyclopedia to find lots more animals to sort into sets. He has been using his phonics to read lots of new and very tricky words and his scientific skills to sort them into sets! Super learning Lucas, well done. :-)

Mrs Walker


Super Sophia!


Well done Sophia; keep up your home learning, you're doing a super job!

Mrs Walker.


Super Student Peyton!


Peyton has been working really hard at home doing Maths, Phonics, reading and even researching Spain! She has been a VERY busy young lady! Have a look at her photos. :-)

Mrs Walker.


Monday 30th March

Shopping List!


Esme has been very helpful today, looking after everyone in the Mitchell household. She even wrote a shopping list for Daddy! Well done Esme! I hope he managed to get everything on the list! ;-) 

Mrs Walker.


Cheering up the elderly! :-)


Carter has been keeping a diary of what he has done each day. It will be lovely to read when we see you again. He has also been making 'Stay Safe' leaflets/pictures to send to his family and elderly friends. They will really cheer them up at this difficult time Carter; what a lovely idea.

Mrs Walker.


A beautiful keepsake! :-)


Imogen has been having fun making playdough with her sister. They have made a beautiful family keepsake which you could try too. :-)

Mrs Walker.


Lucas's home learning!


Good afternoon 1CW. Lucas has been working very hard with his mum doing some of the science work about animals. He has drawn sets into his book and written the animals that his mum has given him into the correct sets. Well done Lucas! :-)

From Mrs Walker.


Monday 30th March 2020

Esme and Daniel have sent us photos of what they have been up to during week 1 of  being at home. Hope you enjoy them! What have the rest of you been up to?  We would love you to send us emails please!  xx

Esme has been very busy during week 1 of home learning! Looking forward to week 2 update ;0)

Daniel has worked so hard that his tooth popped out!

Friday 27th March


Good afternoon 1CW, look at the fun Imogen has been having with her home learning! She has made up a new game which I hope she will be able to teach us when we get back to school.

Thank you for sending your photos Imogen; I hope you enjoy the slide show! :-)


Keep sending your pictures and we will share them with the class.

Thank you,

Mrs Walker.


Imogen's Home Learning!

Wednesday 26th March

Good Morning everyone!

We would have been learning about Peculiar Pets in school right now. I know you are all learning about them in your packs but if you look at the Edinburgh Zoo web page they have lots of live web cams, where you can see what the animals are up to in real time. I have just been watching the penguins playing! laugh

Let me know what you see and choose an animal to find out more about. Are they a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore? Are they nocturnal? Are they a mammal? What is their diet? Draw or make your animal too!

Have fun! 

love Mrs Cross wink





Try some of these activities:

Youtube video with Anthony James showing you how to create a dinosaur with junk modelling.

Choose any story to listen to for free! 😊

Join in with Jo everyday at 9am for a PE session!

Maths, English and topic videos to dance to.

This allows you access to any learning resources or games you might like.

A variety of experiments you can carry out!

Sophia has been working and playing hard with her family!

Blake is working super hard on his maths and has become a star dog trainer!

Please send me photos of what you have been up to so everyone can see our super home-learners!

Wednesday 25th March


Hello 1CW, I hope you are all managing to stay safe at home and find lots of fun things to do to help your learning. It is very quiet working from home and I am missing all your happy faces in the classroom. Remember to keep reading every day and to practise your speed sounds with your adult.


Here is a little video to help you. :-)


Speak to you soon,

Mrs Walker.




This week we would have been starting to learn multiplication.


Watch this little video on how to make equal groups then try making and counting groups of 2, 5 and 10. Use objects that you have in your house to make the groups; pasta, beans, buttons or coins then see if you can record it into your home learning book.


Happy counting!



A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson


Listen to the story then draw a picture of your favourite part in your home learning book. Write some sentences to say what is happening.



Spread the Happiness have these ideas of things to do inside. How many can you do?

Autumn 1:Superheroes

Our first topic of the year is Superheroes. As well as looking at comic book heroes, we will be learning about real-life superheroes, people who help us every day as part of their job. We will be learning about keeping safe and being healthy by eating the right foods and doing exercise.

In Science, we have been learning about predicting and investigating. Mrs Cross taught us about the special curved shape of an egg which makes it very strong. We predicted whether we thought we could walk on eggs and then we tested it out!

We were very shocked when we were able to walk on them without them breaking! We too have super powers!

Walking on Eggs!

Real Life Superheroes!


As part of our topic we invited some real life Superheroes in to help us learn about their jobs and how they help people. We had lots of fun finding out what makes them superheroes.

Visit from Dentist


We were taught how to look after our teeth. The Dentist showed us how to brush our teeth and talked to us about which food and drink were good to keep our teeth healthy.


Paramedic Visit


Mr Jackman came to visit us. He told us about how a Paramedic helps people and showed us some of the equipment he uses. As you can see from our faces, it is very heavy!

We were also lucky to be able to go inside his ambulance!

Guide Dog Visit


We have also learnt that animals can be super heroes too. Laura brought her guide dog, Hestor, in to visit. She showed us how Hestor helps her find her way around and how he helps her at home. 

We tried some special glasses on to give us an idea of what it is like when you are blind.

Firefighter Visit


We have had a visit from some firefighters. They came to Year one to teach us all about fire safety and the importance of their role. We learnt about smoke alarms,  what to do in a fire (stop, drop and roll), what a firefighter has to do in their job and what equipment and uniform they have to wear. Mrs Cross even got to dress up as a firefighter!

Police Officer Visit


 P.C. Ford and his colleague, from Warwickshire Police Force came into Year 1 to teach us all about their jobs. We had lots of fun learning about what they do each day and how they help others. We tried on their uniform, looked at some of the equipment they use, learnt how to direct traffic and even got to go in the back of the police van! 

Super food Smoothies!


In DT, we  have learnt about super foods and thought about which super foods Superheroes would like to eat to keep them strong and healthy. We designed a smoothie, helped to make it and then got to taste it! 

We used bananas, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants.


To end our Superhero topic we had a Superhero Day! 

We all dressed as different Superheroes and practised our Superhero poses!

How many different superheroes can you see?