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The Team

Teacher: Mrs L Fraser


Learning Support Assistant: Mrs S Maling


Our Spring Mini Mission is Fairtrade -

The children will be learning about what Fairtrade means and which products and countries it involves. They will discover how Fairtrade helps farmers around the world and promotes sustainable production. They will investigate countries around the world and compare them with the countries of the United Kingdom.


Leon and the Place Between

The children will use the book, Leon and the Place Between as the stimulus for reading and writing. They will focus on developing their understanding of figurative language to create an engaging narrative that interweaves character, setting and plot.
In Geography, the children will use fieldwork/ mapping and compass skills to navigate the Place Between.
In Art, the children will create a collage focusing on visual and tactile qualities using materials, jewels, braid and glitter. In spelling the children will be learning strategies to help learn the Y3/4 and Y5/6 statutory spelling and to apply them in their writing. In maths the children will be revising and learning place value up to 10 million, negative numbers and ordering and comparing number.  The will be using all four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.