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About REAch2

Founded in 2012, REAch2 Academy Trust is the largest primary-only academy trust in the country. We currently support 60 primary academies across England, all of whom share our mission to provide the best possible education for our young people.


At the heart of this mission is the unshakeable belief that every child deserves a rich, rewarding, education, regardless of their background or geographical location. Our schools offer exceptional teaching from staff who make sure children get the best possible experience. Whether inside the classroom or extra-curricular activities, we offer pupils a comprehensive schooling which helps to shape the people they will become.


Our History

REAch2 Academy Trust originated from the successful school improvement and partnership work led by Hillyfield Primary Academy in Waltham Forest in East London. The Trust was formed in 2012 and since then has grown to cover 60 academies, making us the largest primary-only academy chain in the country.

Our approach has been consistently based on the national school support model. Throughout REAch2, we have a strong track record in working with schools across a variety of contexts to ensure they are able to provide a high-quality education. We have developed a wide range of strategies to support school improvement, as well as a practical framework to help any struggling school. These can typically include fixed term federations, executive headships, acting headships, leadership coaching and school-to-school support at every level.

Our work is driven by our shared trust-wide mission: to help struggling schools improve their provision and to offer a great education to every pupil in our care.

Although we have never focused on growth as part of a Trust-wide strategy, we are unable to stand aside when we see pupils not receiving the standard of education they deserve. That is why we have shared our proven approach to sustained school improvement across the country over the previous decade in a bid to support children from a range of communities.

We believe that our pace of growth is considered and responsible, focusing on successfully supporting schools who were struggling and giving them the tools they need to provide an excellent education to all who come through their gates. All that matters is that children across the country can benefit from committed teachers, driven by a sense of moral purpose and supported by an organisation with a proven track record of school improvement.