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Mrs Raphael

Mrs Raphael is EYFS phase leader and teaches in Reception. Her class is called Caterpillars. She leads RE across the school.

Miss East

Miss East teaches in Year Reception. Her class is called Ladybirds.

She leads history and geography across the school.

Mrs Walker

Mrs Walker teaches in year 1 on Mondays and Tuesdays and year 2 on a Wednesday and Thursday morning. She leads art across the school.


Mrs Cross

Mrs Cross teaches in year 1 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Her class is called 1CW.

She leads DT across the school.


Miss Ward

Miss Ward teaches in Year 2 and her class is called 2W.

She leads Geography across the school. 

Mrs Ballinger

Mrs Ballinger teaches in Year 3. Her class is called 3B. She leads our school council and SMSC.

Mrs Rous

Mrs Rous teaches in Year 3. Her class is called 3R.

She also leads PE.

Miss Clark

Miss Clark teaches in Year 4.

Her class is called 4C.

She also leads French across the school.

Miss Cockayne

Miss Cockayne  teaches in year 5. Her class is called 5C. She runs nurture groups in upper key stage 2 and is our 11B411 School Ambassador.

Mrs Fraser

Mrs Fraser teaches in year 6. Her class is called 6F.

She leads Science at Racemeadow.

She is also the Regional Ambassador for 11B411

She is also an Outstanding Teacher Mentor.


Mrs Field

Mrs Field is our Inclusion Manager