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Welcome to Year 4! 

It's so lovely to have you all back in school and ready to learn again!

The Year 4 team

Miss Bevan - Class teacher 4B (email:

Miss Clark - Class teacher 4C (email:

Mrs Treharne - Year 4 Learning Support Assistant


During the current COVID19 situation, please use school emails to contact us about any non-urgent issues.

Anything more urgent can be passed to us via the main school office. 

Key information

  • Diaries and reading books should be in school every day. Pupils should be reading a minimum of 3 times a week with their diaries signed to reflect this.
  • Homework is given our every Friday consisting of short English and Maths activities designed to recap and reinforce current learning.
  • Spellings are sent home on Fridays to learn for weekly spelling tests.
  • Water bottles will be sent home everyday to be washed and refilled. 
  • Children can bring in their own pencil cases which should be left in school.
  • Please provide a healthy snack (fruit, cereal bar, cheese etc) as we are unable to provide tuck at the moment and the fruit scheme does not apply to KS2 children.   


Friday is PE day and children should have a change of footwear, under present COVID conditions, children will not be getting changed into a full PE kit, but they must have trainers or pumps to change into. They will be learning sports that require no contact such as dance and fitness while restrictions remain in place. Due to current restrictions, swimming will not take place until at least after half term.

Autumn 1


Mini Mission 1: Augustus and his Smile

This half term, using Augustus and his Smile as a stimulus, we will be developing our English skills by writing about Augustus' journey to find his smile. In Geography, we will learn more about the location of tigers around the world and using clues from the text explore his journey around the world.  In Art, we will be using print to replicate illustrations and Henri Rousseau’s work, in particular "Surprised! Tiger in a Tropical Storm."

Where in the world are we?

Observational Drawings of Leaves

Leaf Printing

Mini Mission 2: Pond Patrol


Mrs Collinson wants to improve the Quad and pond in KS2. We will be carrying out a simple scientific experiment looking at the types of creatures that can be found in and around our school grounds and classify accordingly. We will also write a non-chronological report about pondlife (including fauna and flora) to help Mrs Collinson decide how to improve the quad to support Science at Racemeadow.




Mini Mission 3: Who Eats What?


As part of our new mini-mission ‘Who Eats What”, year 4 recreated the organs of the digestive system using some everyday items; a plastic bag to represent the stomach and a pair of tights to represent the intestines. Using orange juice as stomach acid, we digested biscuits, bananas and crackers. Once we had squeezed all of the possible nutrients out, what was left was excreted!

How Long is the Digestive System?

Mini Mission 4: Veni Vedi Veci
To launch our new topic, we entered the hall and became archaeologists! We started investigating clues for our topic. To begin with we used different tools to dig up artefacts such as: a trowel, sieve and a brush to find the objects in the soil. As we dug, we discovered: numbered envelopes, pictures, mosaic tiles, coins, a wooden plaque, broken pottery and a bracelet. Whilst we were investigating, we had to think about questions we would ask about the artefacts.  Using our detective skills we tried to identify what ancient civilisation our topic was about. After closer inspection and a class discussion we discovered out topic is The Romans!

Archeologists for the Day