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Welcome to ladybird class!

During this time we are setting home learning tasks and activities on your child's Tapestry. Please let us know if you are struggling to log in.

Stay Safe and we will see you all soon!


Welcome to the ladybird class page. There are many ways to keep up to date with what is going on in school including MarvellousMe and learning journals. Please make sure you keep checking out this class page to keep up to date with our learning in class. I will be adding photos, useful links and ideas for you to try out at home. Also make sure you check out the caterpillars class page as well for other photos and useful links.

Monkey Puzzle

We have started the year and we are all missing our Mummies and Daddies just like the monkey in this story. Read the story at home and talk about how you miss the children but it is okay to miss people and it makes it really exciting when you see them again. We try to encourage the children to be brave and come in to school with a happy face then when they get home they can have an extra big special hug. It is also important to make sure your children know what to do if they are lost this is something else you can talk about when you have shared the story. 

A few pictures from our first week at school


This term we are learning to recognize and write numbers to 10. We learn our numbers in an unusual pattern based on the way the numbers are formed: 1, 4, 7 come together (up,down and across movements) then  6, 9, 10 (circle movements) and finally 2, 3, 5, 8 (humps and curves).  


Keep checking book bags as we will send out number formation cards each week to continue practicing at home the numbers we have learnt that week. It is also really important to keep practicing the different movements so the children understand the instructions.


At school we do digit dances to help with the movements and we do messy trays to practice out formation (making marks in slime, flour, glitter etc). See how creative you can get at home. 


This term we are continuing to learn our first set of sounds. Again just to be tricky we don't follow the usual alphabet we follow the ReadWriteInc pattern. We learn to read and write the sounds in this order:




Each sound comes with a different rhyme and some words to help you and the children remember how to say the sound correctly and how to write it correctly. Each week we will send out the letter cards for each sound we have been learning that week. You can use them as flash cards or create your own fun game to play with them to help your child practice their sounds at home. 

What the ladybird heard 

We have been learning about farms and why we celebrate the harvest festival at this time of year. to help us get into our farm topic we read What the ladybird heard by Julia Donaldson. The children have really enjoyed this book at school and have set up their own farm.


Share this book with your children as see if they can spot the rhyming words. We have been working really hard at school to hear those words that sound the same and we have been making up silly rhymes for our own names. Ask your child if they can remember the characters in the story or where the story happens. Also we have been learning that lots of stories have a big problem and then a solution to end the story. Ask you child if they know what the problem and solution is in this story or another story you like. See if you can make up your own stories I would love to read them. 

Homemade soup with homemade bread and butter


It is important that the children learn to count carefully so that they can then go on to add and takeaway numbers. This week the children have been helping Roger the Robot learn to count. Ask your child if they can remember the three rules of careful counting. 

  1. One number to one thing. 
  2. Start from number 1. 
  3. The last number you say is how many there are.



This week we have been carrying on our harvest/ vegetable theme with our new book Supertato! The villain in this book is Evil Pea and he causes lots of trouble on the supermarket. Ask your children if they can remember some of the terrible things he does. The Evil Pea came into our school and he tried to lock us out but we managed to get in and we have made some traps to stop him taking over the world. See if you can make some traps at home in case he comes to visit you maybe you could take a picture to show us. 


Look at some of the things the Evil Pea did to our classroom

2D Shapes

This week we have learnt the names and properties of some 2D shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle (oblong) and semi-circle. We have learning about the 'sides' and 'corners' of the shapes and how that helps us work out what shape it is. We made a class mascot called Dragon Lilly with the shapes. See if you can makes some shape pictures at home or maybe go on a shape hunt. Don't forget you can bring your work in to show us so we can stick it in your learning journal. 

Reading and writing words 

The children have learnt a lot of sounds now and are really good at remembering them. Now they are more confident with the sounds we have been practicing a lot with our reading and writing of words. We teach the children to read through blending. This is putting the sounds together to make the word. We write the words by segmenting them. Which is when you sound out the word and break it up into the individual sounds. It is important that children learn to use these skills so at first we assist them by helping them blend and sound out this way the children can start to hear how words are made up. you can practice that home when you are reading but also as part of everyday life. Such as saying to your child fetch your c-oa-t ready for s-ch-oo-l rather than saying the words by sounding them out children have to think about how the word is made.