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Visions and Values

As a school, we strive to ensure that during their time at Racemeadow all children reach their full potential in all areas of learning- academic, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, moral and cultural.

Our mission statement, ‘Working hand in hand to put our children at the heart of all we think, say and do’, underpins our approach to everything at Racemeadow. It stems from our firm belief that in order to achieve our vision of ‘all children becoming the best that they can be’ we need to work hard to ensure that we form positive relationships and work ‘hand in hand’ with parents, carers, and the local community. It also reminds us of the reason we are all here, which is for the children, and they should be at the centre of all we do.

Within our school we often use the phrase ‘Team RPA’ (short for Racemeadow Primary Academy) and it is from this that our core values of relationships, pride and ambition come.






We are welcoming

We are kind and caring

We treat others with respect

We take pride in ourselves

We take pride in our learning

We take pride in our school community

Dream big

Never give up

Be the best that you can be

The Academy seeks partnership between pupils, staff, parents and governors which is based on mutual respect.