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On this page you will find information on our current learning as well as useful links and tips for home learning. Don't forget to check the subject pages on the website for more of an overview of our curriculum and what we will be teaching when. 


If you have any queries or need to let me know something then I will always be available in the morning or at the end of the day. Please bear in mind that due to the busy timetable of the school day I will only be available for a quick catch up in the morning. Alternatively you can e-mail me at or contact me through the school office. 

Autumn 1

Mini Mission - Lost and found 


Our first Mini Mission this year is called Lost and found based on the picture book by Oliver Jeffers. As we become more familiar with this text we will practice re-telling a narrative. Children will learn how to write a postcard using ideas from the setting and characters in the book. We will compare this story to other key texts and use them as reference materials to create our own icy themed poetry. 


During this term children will become Georgraphers. They will be exploring the Antarctic and will be comparing hot countries and continents to cold countries and continents. In science they will be learning about seasons and changes in weather. Later in the term children will channel their inner Artist as they develop their skills in pencil drawing and collaging. 

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers teaches the importance of friendship and kindness in a beautiful way.

A song to help kids learn the 7 continents in order from largest to smallest.

63-year-old artist Simon Beck makes colossal yet intricate designs on the unlikely canvas of enormous snowfields. Beck treks for hours carving with his feet, creating snow sculptures over a quarter mile long. He has carved more than 370 drawings worldwide, and occasionally also works with sand. We will be creating our own pencil drawings taking inspiration from some of his works of art.

Maths - Place Value (within 10)

This term in maths children will learn how to count from any given number forwards and backwards. Through sorting activities, they will continue to devleop their ability to count objects with accuracy and efficiency, subitizing where appropriate. Children will be given the opportunity to master their understanding of place value within  10 by comparing amounts using the words greater than and fewer than.