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  Check out some of the exciting things we have been doing in Year 1.

As part of our Superhero topic we have had some real life superheroes in school.


Visit by the Dentist

Firstly, we were taught how to look after our teeth with a visit from the dentist.


Visit by the Paramedic


Then we had a visit from a paramedic (and a Dad).  Mr Jackman showed us around an ambulance which had a special lift for poorly people to get in and out more easily. 


Mr Jackman showed us some of his equipment and what he uses it for. His backpacks are extremely heavy.


 Visit by the Guide Dog


Laura came to school with Hester her guide dog.  We tried on different pairs of glasses which showed us what it would be like if our vision was impaired. Laura showed us how Hester guided her around obstacles and taught us that you should not distract a guide dog when they are working and wearing their harness.


Visit by the Firefighters


The firefighters taught us to drop and roll on the floor if our clothes catch fire. We practiced crawling under the smoke so that we could get out of a room quickly in the event of a fire. 


We dressed up in the firefighter's uniform which was very heavy and rather smelly.


Visit by the Police

 We had a visit by two police officers from Warwickshire Police. They taught us that the police force is there to help us as well as arresting bad people. We looked at PC Ford's uniform and listened to a message on his radio. He showed us his baton, spray and pocket book.  Then he used his handcuffs to take some children prisoner.



We also looked around a police van and tried on police uniform.