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Welcome to our Year 5 Class Page! laugh

Welcome to home learning week beginning 29.06.20
Home learning week beginning 22nd June 2020 smiley

The athletics challenge set for this week is below. Do send me pics/ photos of you taking part.

Home learning week beginning 15th June 2020

James created a life cycle.

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Well done James on your wonderful life cycle project! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Hi Year 5!! smileysmileysmiley Missing you lots! Here is this week's home learning - wk beg 08.06.20

Competition Time

Home learning week beginning 1st June.

Home learning for week beginning 18th May 2020 laugh

Missing you all! You super stars. heart

Samantha has had a brilliant go already at the athletics activity! Well done, you are a very talented young lady.

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Welcome to home learning week beginning 11th May smiley

New pictures of children working from home and enjoying time with their families.

I have received more picture updates from children, they are fantastic! If you haven't yet sent any pictures of the lovely things you're doing at home, please do I would love to see them. heart

Happy Monday! Below, are your tasks for week beginning 4th May 2020 smiley

I have loved receiving more updates on what you're getting up to. I have had many chuckles and smiles to myself. Keep it up you fabulous children! :)

Week beginning 27th April 2020

Week beginning 20th April

Welcome back 5C to our learning from home experience. I have missed you all and hope that you've had a nice break. I have attached 2 powerpoints below, that have your maths, reading and SPAG tasks, for this week. The maths work, also has answers, so that you can check the work afterwards. No peeking before completing though! laugh

Creative task for this week: I would love to see pictures created out of nature. Please don't pull heads off flowers etc. Use any leaves, petals, sticks etc that have already fallen off plants to make a picture of your choice. 

Thank you for all your lovely pictures! (I actually got a little emotional looking through them.) You are all amazing 5C x

If you need any help with work or have any questions my email address is

I will reply to emails between 9.00am and 3.30pm

Please email me if you need your Sumdog login, as there are a range of tasks assigned that will help you practise your skills.

Home learning - Myself and Mrs Maling are enjoying seeing pictures of your home learning so far, as well as the fun you are having! yessmiley Keep on sending them to my email address.

You are all superstars!

Example answers for maths questions 31.03.20 and 01.04.20

Working from home – Wednesday 1st April 2020 - April Fool’s Day cheeky


Bonjour Year 5!


Task 1 – Create a drawing of a made-up creature, that could be a dangerous animal (like the yellow spotted lizard) in the story of Holes. Make sure to label it, explaining why it is deadly.


Task 2 – Clearly being away from the classroom is causing me some trouble with writing sentences! Please write the sentences below with corrections.

it was terning to dusk as koko and sidney ran cheerfully along the seafront. the waves were crashing loudly onto the sure. As the seagulls flew and dove above their heads the two dogs come to an abrupt halt. Ahead of them, a squishy strange creature lay on the dry, ruff sand with many wiggly legs What a strange looking creature they think as they cautiously sniffed it.

(The features that are missing – capital letters, correct spellings, commas, full stop, exclamation mark, correct tense.)


Task 3 – Practise your spellings three times.


Task 4 - As it is April Fool's Day make up a 'revolting recipe' to try and convince your grown ups is delicious. Remember we made Glitzy Rabbit Poop, which was actually edible glitter, jelly and raisins. You could do this by drawing and labelling the dish, if you have your grown ups permission you could use ingredients in your cupboards, that wouldn't normally go together, to make something revolting or you could write out your idea in the style of a recipe. Remember what ever you design does need to be edible. DO NOT 'make' a recipe unless your grown ups are able to supervise and give you permission. 


Task 5 – Add/ subtract the following fractions. Remember to convert the fractions to get an accurate answer.


1.  2/16 + 5/8 =  


2.  4/12 + 3/6 =


3.  3/5 - 5/10 =


4.   14/16 - 2/8 =


5.  5/12 + 7/24 =


6.  12/14 - 3/7 =

Working from home - Tuesday 31st March 2020

Guten morgen Year 5!

Task 1 – Check out the Sumdog challenges and have a go at some of them.


Task 2 – Yellow spotted lizards are a key feature in the story of Holes, however, so far, they have only been talked about by the characters. Predict and write a scene, where at least one of the characters gets into a dangerous situation with a yellow spotted lizard. What happened? Where were they? Which character was it? Describe their reaction. Think about their heartbeat. How else did their body react? How were they feeling? Scared? Use powerful vocabulary to describe their feelings. What did they do to escape? Did they escape? Remember, to keep your writing in past tense. A paragraph or two would be a good amount.


Task 3 – Have a look at the photo below of my dog Koko, who is 4 years old and my parents dog Sidney, who is 6 months old. Describe the two of them. Think about how they look. What could they be doing in the picture? Try to use fronted adverbials to improve your writing. Write a paragraph describing their personalities and what they look like using some of the following vocabulary:

Koko – gentle, friendly, loving, playful.

Sidney – friendly, excited, enthusiastic, mischievous

Task 4 – Convert the fractions below so that they have matching denominators, again your timetable grid in your diary will be useful if you’re struggling. Remember that it is often easier to convert smaller fractions to match larger ones by multiplying than it is to divide. The first one has been done for you:


1. 2/4                      3/8                     12/16   =  

2/4 - times the denominator by 4 to equal 16. Then times the numerator by 4 also so you end up with an equivalent fraction, which is 8/16.

3/8 - times the denominator by 2 to equal 16. Then times the numerator by 2 also. This gives you 6/16.

You don’t need to write sentences like I have, you can use the operation symbols, (I’m just not tech savvy enough to do that on the computer).

2. 2/3                      3/12                   4/6   =


3. 3/5                      5/10                  2/5 =


4. 1/4                     5/16                   2/8 =


5. 3/12                  2/24                   5/6 =


6. 5/15                  3/10                   4/5 =

Working from home - Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning Year 5!

Task 1 - Don't forget to check out Sumdog for a number of challenges I have set this week.

Task 2 - Using your green writing book, create a character description for Stanley from the story Holes. Think about, what we know about the choices he has made so far, whether he is actually guilty of any crime, the way he treats the others at Camp Green Lake. You can draw an outline of a person, using labels around to describe him and/ or you can write sentences about him. If you feel you're not quite sure how to describe him you can make a prediction about what he will do and whether that makes him a good or bad character.
Task 3 - use your spelling list dated 27.03.20 and practise them in your green book. You could write them as rainbow colours for fun but also to help you remember them. Put those words into sentences, also in your green book.
Task 4 - Describe the setting below in full sentences. It is a sunset from Aberystwyth beach (where my sister lives). See what I did there? I used a relative clause and parenthesis! Be sure to try and include those features yourself as well as some juicy expanded noun phrases smiley   aaand don't forget ... CAPITAL LETTERS AND FULL STOPS wink

Task 5 - Fractions laugh sooo we spent a lot of time converting mixed number fractions to improper fractions and we also converted them the opposite way around. Complete the following in your green book, the first one has been done for you (remember to use you times table grid in your diary if you're struggling) :


Turn these into mixed numbers -

1) 11/6 = 1 5/6       2) 5/4 =              3) 12/7=               4) 16/4 =           5) 17/3 =


Turn these into improper fractions -

1) 1 3/4 =              2) 2 1/3 =             3) 3 1/2 =             4) 2 3/7 =         5) 3 4/6 =

On Monday (30.03.20) you will be able to log in to and complete reading and maths challenges that I have set for you. Your log in and passwords were sent on Wednesday 25th March by Marvellous Me. If you haven't got access to Marvellous Me at the moment please email me and I will send your sumdog details. I will also put some challenges on this webpage for you too! Missed you all this week. 

Hope you are all OK and are staying safe. Contact me if you need anything or if you just want to share pics and vids of you learning from home - Miss Cockayne

Working from home.

Hello 5C! Below are a range of websites you may want to use, while school is closed.

Youtube video with Anthony James showing you how to create a dinosaur with junk modelling.

Choose any story to listen to for free! 😊

Join in with Jo everyday at 9am for a PE session!

Maths, English and topic videos to dance to.

This allows you access to any learning resources or games you might like.

A variety of experiments you can carry out!

Horrible histories

Learn how to draw lots of different things!


Keep us up to date on what you are doing at home – use your teachers’ work email to send photos to them. We would love to see what you’re doing!

Youtube video with Anthony James showing you how to create a dinosaur with junk modelling.

Choose any story to listen to for free! 😊

Join in with Jo everyday at 9am for a PE session!

Maths, English and topic videos to dance to.

This allows you access to any learning resources or games you might like.

A variety of experiments you can carry out!

Horrible histories

Learn how to draw lots of different things!


Keep us up to date on what you are doing at home – use your teachers’ work email to send photos to them. We would love to see what you’re doing!

Revolting Recipes

During our Revolting Recipes mini mission we made Glitzy Rabbit Poop, following the style of Roald Dahl's recipe book. We considered the changes that our different ingredients would go through and whether they would be reversible.

It's a Wild, Wild World!

We used jelly, cocktail sticks and marshmallows to test what happens to the structure of a bridge when an earthquake happens. There were unfortunately some casualties! Which meant we needed to eat the jelly and marshmallows :)

Building trusses and bridges.

We researched and created a range of beams and trusses. Then, after we had constructed our bridges we tested them using weights.

May the force be with you!

During our science mission we carried out a range of activities themed around forces.

Our Topic Web for Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 5 letter and information

Year 5 really enjoyed investigating and dissecting sheep hearts!

As part of our topic, Blood Heart, all about the circulatory system, we created our own stethoscopes to listen to our heart rate. We listened before and after a mile run around the playground.