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Welcome to Year 3

It's so lovely to have you all back in school and ready to learn again! 


Marvellous Me 


If you no longer have the app on your phone or tablet, please reinstall it and ask for a joining code. This is the only way we can contact you with messages, news and updates. Please email or get in touch with the office to request a code and one will be sent home with your child.  Thank you for your continued support. 


The Year 3 Team

Mrs Sanders - Class Teacher 3S - (

Miss Bevan - Class Teacher 3B - (email:

Miss Jones - Year 3 Learning Support Assistant


Please use school emails to contact us about any non-urgent issues.

Anything more urgent can be passed to us via the main school office. 


Key information

  • Diaries and reading books should be in school every day.
  • Water bottles will be sent home everyday to be washed and refilled. 
  • Children can bring in their own pencil cases which should be left in school.
  • Please provide a healthy snack (fruit, cereal bar, cheese etc)  or change for the tuck shop. 

Friday is PE day and children should have a full PE kit (white t-shirt, black shorts and trainers or pumps)


Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be handed in by the following Wednesday. Homework consists of Arithmetic, Grammar and a short reading activity. Homework should be completed in pencil or a black or blue pen. In addition to this, children are expected to have read at home 3 times each week and have this signed by an adult in their diary.


Weekly spellings are stuck in the spellings section at the front of your child's diary, new spellings are given out on a Friday and will be tested on the following Friday.

Autumn 1 Mini-Mission: Charlie Small Gorilla City


One morning, Year 3 arrived at school to find that there were vines and creepers in the classroom! There were parrots, a frog and a monkey too! Then a letter arrived from someone called Charlie's mum asking for help to find her lost son, Charlie! After that, a cut up picture arrived with a note asking which ocean someone had sailed over! Things were getting curious...the map was a map of the world which we used to find out where Charlie could have gone. Wherever could he be? Mrs Collinson gave us a book to read all about Charlie Small, we discovered that he had been struck by lightning while sailing his raft down the stream at the bottom of his garden. We can't wait to find out more! 

Throughout this Mini-Mission in English, we will be learning how to write a detailed description of the rainforest using effective adjectives, verbs, adverbs and sentence openers.


We are Geographers!

In Geography, we will learn the location of the 7 continents and the 5 oceans of the world and will look closely at the rainforest biome, its layers and its importance. We will also look at deforestation and the impacts on the environment. In science we will look at plants, taking an in-depth look at pollination.

We are Scientists!

Before starting our new Science topic on Plants, we discussed what we already knew from our previous learning. We then discussed scientific questions we would like to find the answers to during this sequence of lessons. Next, we dissected flowering plants and identified the flowers, leaves, roots and stems. We also investigated all parts of the plants more closely with our magnifying glasses.

We are Artists!

In this Mini-Mission, we will be exploring the work of the famous artists William Morris. We will carry out an artist study and evaluate some of his work. Using natural materials, we will create our own print design using his work as inspiration.


Autumn 2 Mini-Mission: The Dragons Hoard

We are Historians!

The Vikings are coming! This half term, we will be Historians learning about the Viking Age in Britain. We received a letter written in Viking Runes which we decoded and found it was from Hrothgar the Viking who will be visiting us in 3 weeks!



We are Scientists!

We are Designers!

In this Mini-Mission we will be creating a Viking longship!

Spring 1 Mini-Mission: Underwater Adventures

We are Geographers!

During this Mini-Mission, we will be revising previous learning on continents and oceans and learn about lines of latitiude, longitude, prime meridian and time zones. We will also be learning about the aquatic biome, learning about the layers of the ocean with a focus on the features of the coral reef.

We are Scientists!

During this Mini-Mission, we will be investigating rocks. We will be exploring their appearance and properties in order to identify a range of rocks. We will also be exploring fossilisation, soil and how rocks are formed.

We are Artists!

In this art unit we will explore the work of the artist Henri Matisse and investigate who he was, what type of art he created and then we will evaluate some of his famous pieces. Once we have looked at his works, we will practice using artistic techniques such as layering, overlapping and twisting and using a variety of materials and contrasting textures before we make our own underwater collages.