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Welcome to Class 2CE's page. 

Our teachers are Mrs Everitt and Mrs Cross and our LSA is Mrs Elsmore.

If you have any questions or need to talk to one of us, please speak to us at the door in the morning or at the end of the day or drop us an email.

Year 2 Parents - Everything you need to know!

Sports Week 19th - 23rd June 2023


This week we have been very lucky to have the opportunity to learn  lots of different sporting activities. 

So far we have enjoyed archery, yoga and cricket!

Our Summer 2 mini-mission is Toy Story.

In history, we will learning about how toys have changed over time. In Science, we will be learning about plants and how they grow and in DT we will be designing and making a moving toy.

We were extra lucky in our last week of Summer 1 and had a coaching session with a Primary Cricket Coach

ART - we sketched a tiger and then mixed paint to create different tones of green, brown and orange. We took our time using water colours to create wonderful pictures.

West Midland Safari Park

To end our Savannah Secrets mini mission, we had a fantastic day out at West Midland Safari Park! We saw so many animals, it was like being in the African Plains! There was a family of giraffes causing mayhem by sticking their heads into car windows, lots of different deer, zebra playing, painted dogs hiding, lionesses sunbathing, a huge lion enjoying his lunch in the long grass and we even saw a rhinos having a mud bath & the hugest delight of the day was see one having a wee! 

After lunch we walked around the African Village, with our Park Ranger guide Vic. She showed us a cast of a rhino footprint and let us hold a huge ostrich egg! We were also lucky enough to see lots of ring-tailed lemur and meerkat. It really was a great day out and our behaviour was impeccable! 

We hope you enjoy looking at our photos. Watch out for our Sifaki lemur dance! 


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To celebrate the King's Coronation we made crowns and created a fingerprint Union Jack. At lunchtime we had a 'street party' in the hall and had a special picnic lunch.

To launch our new mini mission we came to school dressed in animal print or as an animal. We had lots of fun going on an animal hunt, learning about the African Savannah and joining in with an African dance!

Our Summer 1 mini-mission is Savannah Secrets. We will be using the tape ‘One Day on Our Planet…In the Savannah’. We will write information about animals and create and perform poems. In Science, we will learn that animals have offspring which grow into adults and about the basic needs of animals for survival.

In Geography, we will identify the similarities and differences between Atherstone and Africa. In Art, we will be working on our drawing and sketching skills and mixing colours to create camouflage.

Our Spring 1 mini-mission is 'Unsinkable'.

During this topic, we will first be historians and learn about a significant historical event - the sinking of the Titanic. We will learn that the past is constructed from a range of sources and is represented in different ways.

Next, we will become scientists, and learn about humans' basic needs for survival, describe the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different foods and hygiene.

Finally, we will become designers, when we will design and make a meal that would have been served aboard the Titanic.

On immersion day we had a fun time learning about the Titanic. We played games to learn the names of the different parts of the ship and then learnt about who built it, the different jobs on board, the types of passengers and finally we recreated the incredible moment that the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank all through drama! It was an amazing day with OneCreative.

Being Historians



We made apple pies. We learned that apple pie was one of the dishes that passengers on the Titanic would have eaten. They tasted delicious! 👌

On March 1st it was World Book Day. We dressed as a character from our favourite book or in our pyjamas - as we all love a bedtime story! We also wrote book reviews.


We would like to say a big "Thank you!" to everyone who bought tickets.

Happy New Year!

Our first Mini Mission of 2023 is Around the World with Paddington Bear

During our Art lessons, we studied the work of the sculptor, Henry Moore. We studied and sketched Peruvian mountains before using clay to create our own mountain scultptures.

In Science, we learnt about Charles Mackintosh and how he invented the first waterproof coat by sandwiching rubber between two layers of fabric. We tested different materials to see if they were waterproof, putting them beneath fabric then dropping water on top to see if it soaked through to a paper towel underneath. 

In Geography we have been naming and locating the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom. We looked globes and atlases to help us. 

Next, we revised the 7 continents and 5 oceans. We sang the continents song to help us remember, then located and labelled them all on a world map. 

In English, we have been learning about the traditional tale, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We thought hard about changing our voices to match the characters in the story and retelling the story in the correct order. 

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears role play

Children's Mental Health Week 2023

To mark Children's Mental Health Week we learnt the Jeremiah Dance. We had so much fun learning it and it made us feel great! 

February 2023 - Atherstone Ball Game

Our Christmas Fun! 

Parties, games, special visitors and silliness!


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We painted a snowman for Dickens Night! One of our pupils spotted him on town! Did you?

On Remembrance Day we made poppies and planted them in our school garden next to our waterfall of poppies.

Our new mini mission is  Time Travellers. During this mission we will be historians and learn all about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and Christopher Columbus and his expeditions. Then we will be Scientists and investigate materials and their properties. At the end, we will be designers and design and make our own rocket which can be launched! 

Immersion Day


On our Immersion Day we discovered a buried time capsule!

We dug it up to discover artefacts about Neil Armstrong. This made us want to find out more about him. We had lots of questions to ask!

Who is he?

Is he famous?

What did he do with the American flag?

Is he an astronaut?

Did he go to the moon?

In History, we looked at dates and photographs of important people and events from the past and placed them in chronological order in a human timeline.

In Computing we have been learning about e-safety

5.....4.....3....2....1....BLAST OFF!

In DT, our challenge was to design and make a space shuttle that could be launched, based on the Apollo 11. First we researched the shape and structure of the Apollo 11. Next we experimented using different launching methods, before deciding which we wanted to use to launch our own shuttles. Whilst designing our shuttles, we had to think about materials and tools we would need to use which would be suitable for the launching method we had chosen. After we had made our shuttles, we had lots of fun launching them! Finally we evaluated how successful our shuttles were.


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To conclude our Mini mission we had a trip to the Space Centre, in Leicestershire. We had lots of fun and were able to showcase our learning when exploring the different sections. 

Our first mini mission is The Rainbow Fish. We will start this mission as geographers. We will use maps and atlases to locate countries, oceans and hot and cold places. Then we will become scientists and explore living things and their habitats. Finally, we will become artists and create an underwater collage using a range of materials including paint.

14.9.22 Today we learned about climate around the world. We located and named countries which have a hot, warm and cold climate. We used the key on the map to help us.

During science we have learned about animals and their habitats.

We asked and answered questions...

Which micro-habitat do woodlice like best?


and created food chains...




We ended our mini mission as artists!

Our teachers told us that we were going to create a collage as our final work of art, so they reminded us of the collage techniques we learnt in Year 1 then modelled some new techniques for us to try. We enjoyed practising the new techniques ready for the finished piece.

Collage Techniques

Once we had mixed different tints of blue to create our background, we used different collage techniques to add one of the creatures from the story of The Rainbow Fish. We used coiling, crimping, overlapping, tearing and scrunching. We then added some seaweed to our collage to create more detail.