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SMSC at Racemeadow

Here are some of the ways that we promote SMSC at Racemeadow Primary Academy.


Spiritual Development:

  • Reception – Harvest, Diwali, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter
  • Year 1 – Harvest, Christmas and Easter Assemblies
  • Year 2 – Eid, Harvest, Christmas and Easter Assemblies
  • KS2 – Diwali, Christmas, Sikh celebrations, Chinese New Year and Easter Assemblies
  • Reverend Michael Brandsma from the St Marys church visits the school at the start of each month to speak to the children on Wednesday Assemblies and also holds regular ‘Messy Church’ sessions at the church which our pupils are invited to attend.

Moral Development  

  • Assemblies – sharing a story and working through the moral
  • Reinforcing the importance of good behaviour
  • Assembly/Circle Time/PSHE/  topics enables children to recognise the difference between wrong and right
  • Class rules are agreed by the children
  • The behaviour policy is shared with parents in Newsletters and a school/ home agreement to ensure that they are clear of all procedures
  • The importance of democracy is taught through British Values lessons and topics.
  • Team points 

Social Development  

  • The School Council is a whole school process to demonstrate democracy in action to our children and allowing them to air their views
  • This year, children have voted raise money for Macmillan, Children in Need and Red Nose day.
  • Pupils also visit our local care home to sing songs and have talk time with the residents.
  • Children respect each other’s beliefs and racist comments have not been reported to date between the children.
  • Grandparents breakfast and afternoon tea as part of our Harvest celebrations was well attended
  • Mothers' Day assembly
  • Parent partnership lessons, where family and friends are invited into school to learn with the children happen every half term.
  • Good links with the Local library where all the children are registered. 

Cultural Development  

  • Cultural diversity is celebrated throughout the school in displays and programmes of learning
  • Celebrate success – Celebrations Assemblies, attendance awards for individual children and classes.
  • School values are reinforced through displays and well done stickers/team points are awarded.