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                WELCOME TO OUR CLASS PAGE! laugh


On here you will find everything you should need to know about Year 2 and we will also keep you updated on our learning and fun by posting photos of our work and activities throughout the year. 


Should you have any questions, you can contact us by email and we will do our very best to help:


Mrs Cross (Teacher in class Tues-Fri) 

Mrs Everitt (Deputy Head & Teacher in class Mon) 


Our Learning Support Assistants are:

Mrs Elsmore & Mrs Mellors



By the end of Year 2 we aim to learn how to read and spell these words.

Our first mini-mission is 



On Immersion Day we had lots of fun finger painting, making puppets, colouring, reading and role-playing!

In Science, we have been learning about animals and their habitats. We set up an investigation to find out which microhabitat woodlice prefer. First we had to go and find some and then we created 4 small habitats - dry and dark, dry and light, damp and dark, damp and light. We put the woodlice inside and left them for a day. After, we looked to see how many woodlice were in each microhabitat. We discovered that woodlice prefer a dark and damp habitat as most of them were beneath the damp soil and leaves.

We have also been learning about food chains. We worked in groups to create as many food chains as we could.

In ART, we have been learning how to create different shades of blue by adding white paint to make the blue lighter. We used this to paint an ocean background and then we used different collage techniques to create a character from the rainbow fish. We scrunched, overlapped, crimped, twisted and coiled to create different effects.

In English, we have been learning and performing poems. We have learned that using actions can make poems easier to learn and more fun to perform! 

In RE we have learned how we are valuable and unique by learning a sing called 'You are a Star' .

Some of us were proper rock stars! laugh


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To begin with, we will be Historians,  learning about and drawing comparisons between two significant pioneers from the past - Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. We will use a range of sources to identify similarities and differences.  

Next, we will be scientists and look at the uses of everyday materials, their suitability and how they can be changed. 

Finally, we will be designers, and research, design and make a space shuttle using given design criteria. 

On immersion day, we found an amazing time capsule from 1969, buried outside on the field. When we opened it, their was a selection of photographs, dates and clues about Neil Armstrong and his mission in Apollo 11. We watched a video of the first moon landing and even made our own astronaut.

In History, we have been using different sources to research the life of Neil Armstrong. We used iPads, videos, books and leaflets to find different facts then made a list ready to use later. 

We learnt to order significant historical events and placed them on a human timeline.

We had our photo taken with the Atherstone Ball Game ball!  It was very exciting for us to actually get to touch it.

Our Spring 1 Mini-Mission is Around the World with Paddington.


In English, we will be writing postcards to Aunt Lucy, telling her about the London Landmarks Paddington has visited. We will also be writing factfiles about London Landmarks and finally we will write our own new stories about Paddington visiting Buckingham Palace. 

in Geography, we will compare Peru with London, looking at their climates, physical and human features and then we will use compass directions to help Paddington find his way around London.

in Art, we will be learning about the sculptor Henry Moore and then sketching and creating our own sculptures of Peruvian mountains, in clay. 

Our science will focus on properties of materials and we will carry out an investigation to find suitable materials to make a new waterproof coat for Paddington. 

ART - Sculpture


We are so proud of our mountain sculptures! 


We pinched, smoothed, pulled, carved, scraped and cut our clay to sculpt our mountains. We thought about the size, shape and texture when sketching and sculpting.

What do you think? 😃

In maths we have been learning to halve and double. We had fun using resources to help. 

In PSHE we have  been learning about being healthy and discussing the importance of being active and resting.


We did a 5 minute Joe Wicks HIIT session and then talked about how it made us feel.

We then rested by doing a Zen Den yoga activity. 

Our Spring 1 Mini Mission is Unsinkable? 

On Immersion Day we had a great time taking part in a Titanic workshop.  During the day we played games that helped us learn about the different parts of the ship. We also learned about the sequence of events and pretended we were First, Second and Third  Class passengers. We then worked in groups to create pictures of the Titanic and icebergs with our bodies!  

We learned about the history of the Titanic and the timeline of events that lead to it sinking. We also looked at primary and secondary sources.


In English we will pretend we are first class passengers and write a diary account of what it was like aboard the incredible ship. We will use expanded noun phrases to describe what we could see, hear and feel. 

In Science we will learn about how and why humans should be healthy.


We learned about different food groups and how it is important that our diet consists of a variety of these in order for us to get all the nutrients we need to be healthy. 

DT - 

in Design & Technology we looked at menus from the Titanic and compared them to menus we have today. We looked at a variety of different styles of menu, at their designs and at what types of food and drink they contain. We then designed our own menus. Finally we made a dessert that might have been eaten aboard the Titanic - apple pies!                We had lots of fun using cutters, spooning apple filling, glazing with beaten egg and finishing then off with a lovely sprinkling of sugar, before baking and tasting! 😋




We raised lots of money for Year 2 and our winners were extremely happy with their prizes! 





We came to school dressed in our pyjamas and spent the day immersed in books! It was fab! 



In this mini mission we will learn about the African Savannah. First we will be Geographers and compare Atherstone with the Savannah. We will look at the human and physical features, the climate and seasons of both. 



In Science we will learn about animals. We will learn that animals have off-spring and that some look just like their adult when they are born and others look totally different! We will also learn about life-cycles and about what animals need to survive.

In Computing we have been creating pictures. We have learned about different types of art and artists - Impressionism, Pointillism, Mondrian and William Morris. On ipads we have created pictures in each style. 


Today we were lucky to take part in a cricket session, with Nigel ftom All Stars. We had lots of fun learning throwing & catching skills before practising batting and fielding.



We had a great day at the Safari Park! We saw lots of different animals, including fighting rhinos, yawning hippos and Rufus the giraffe with a very long tongue! We all behaved impeccably! laugh

Have a look at our photos from our day. How many can you name? 

Our Summer 2 Mini-mission is 


During this mini-mission we will be learning about how toys have changed over time by comparing and contrasting them, in History.

In DT we will be designing and making a moving toy and in Science we will be learning about plants and investigating what plants need to grow healthily.


On Immersion Day, we brought in our favourite toys and shared them with our class. 

Here are some of them

In English we have been reading Toy Story. We extended sentences by adding conjunctions. 

In History we sorted toys into past and present.

In Computing we have started a unit called Creating Music. This prompted some of us to bring in instruments we have at home. Bramwell brought in his cornet and gave us a mini concert! He was very brave and confident and he had a very appreciative audience! 😃


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In Science we have started an investigation to find out what a plant needs to grow.

Week 17th June SPORTS WEEK


This week we have had a sports activity everyday! Some of these activities have been frisbee, ball skills, parachute and cricket. We have had lots of fun and been very active! 😃


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