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Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to week two of your 10 for 10 work packs


You should have completed 5 days and be starting number 6 today.

If you would like to check your answers and correct any misconceptions the answers are below.

Don't cheat and look ahead until you have done the work!!




PS look out for more work on the website coming soon!

10 for 10 answers

Year 6 Information

To start our first term in Year 6 our children have been studying two significant authors - William Shakespeare and Mary Shelley

The books we have chosen are Macbeth and Frankenstein.  The children have really enjoyed reading Macbeth and comparing it with the Tempest that they studied in Year 5.  We are also investigating the theme of Frankenstein and linking it to our science - Living things including human beings.

Significant Authors
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World War II - A Child's War

World War II - A Child's War 1
In Autumn Two we are investigating World War II from a child's perspective and will be reading Robert Westall's novel - The Machine Gunners.  We will be holding a whole day workshop on the 11th December to involve all things 1940's including dressing up and singing songs from the wartime.  In history we will discover which countries were involved and who their leaders were.  We will compare a wartime ration to the food we eat today.  Ever wondered what it was like to have to leave your home and family and go and live with strangers in the country?  Well we are going to find out from reading diaries and letters from the time.  How did each country encourage their people to be patriotic despite the terrible events - we will compare propaganda posters from different countries.